The perfect place practice your gymnastic and tumbling skills, you’ll LOVE our tumble lanes!

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned gymnast or British Champion (we get a few of those), you will love our super-long tumble lanes. Our unique wavy tumble lane at our Birmingham trampoline park and super long lanes at our High Wycombe trampoline park are part of what makes Rush a leap above the rest for our customers!

Access to our tumble lanes is included in your open jump session. You’ll find them on our main courts.

Stay in your own lane, or flip in sync with a friend as our tumble lanes run side by side – making the ultimate social media video!

Time to show off your skills…

„I’ve been to a few trampoline parks over the country and this is by far one of the best.“ – Lucy Colebeck, International GBR Tumbler


Can I do a backflip?

Yes, backflips are allowed on our main courts, flat tumble lane and high performance area. For health and safety purposes, backflips are not permitted in the foam pit, battle beam, dodgeball courts, basketball hoop lanes, wavy tumble lane (at Rush Birmingham) or over pads. Gainers are not permitted at Rush at any time. As always, we would only encourage those who have been properly trained to attempt complex moves.